Invite a Friend

You have the opportunity to invite all your friends to Admiral Markets! It's easy, fast and most importantly - profitable!
To send invitations to your friends, first enter your Traders' Room username (e-mail address) as well as your live trading account number. Then you can enter your friends names and e-mail addresses and we will send an invitation to them with the required information. Once your friend(s) follows the correct links, opens a real trading account and fulfills all the necessary conditions, both you and your friend will receive a 100$ deposit from Admiral Markets!

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Admiral Club

The Admiral Club is our way of giving back to our clients. You can sign up to the Admiral Club via your Traders' Room and afterwards, each lot you trade on a live account will give you points which can be redeemed for prizes. Each country/region has its own specific prizes so you will be able to find something catered to you!

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Intro to Forex

Get this eBook if you would like to learn more about Foreign Exchange basics and find out how Forex markets work.


Learn more about Forex Trade and Trading in Australia with us!