About the Admiral Markets Group

The Admiral Markets Group is a leading online Forex trading provider, as well as an emerging trading platform for precious metals, CFDs, stocks and fossil fuels. The broker currently counts 12,000 active clients and a total monthly trading volume of $35 billion. In 2011 alone, the Admiral Markets Group experienced a growth of 70 per cent. For its continuously outstanding growth and performance, the company has recently won two awards: Admiral Markets AS, serving the Admiral Markets Group's European clients, was voted "Best Forex Broker in the Baltic Region" as well as awarded the title "Best of the Best" in The New Europe magazine's 2012 FX Award.

Since its foundation in 2001, the Admiral Markets Group has continually expanded its reach and today offers its services in more than 45 countries worldwide through its regulated trading companies, with Admiral Markets AS and Admiral Markets PTY holding licenses in the EU and Australia respectively. As of 2012, the company employs a staff of approximately 200 people around the world.

The Admiral Markets Group offers numerous educational and training programs to empower its clients to make thoughtful trading decisions. Regular, free seminars as well as online webinars in major languages like English, Russian, or German teach trading skills and awareness about risks and opportunities in the Forex market. A variety of books, brochures and articles on Forex trading in over a dozen languages offer an introduction to the topic for beginners, as well as in-depth knowledge on special issues like technical analysis for experienced traders.

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