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For those traders that use technical analysis in their trading, Autochartist from Admiral Markets provides some of the most powerful technical analysis available on the market today. Autochartist uses uniquely designed algorithms to recognize and take advantage of the most common technical indicators used by traders, including Fibonacci levels, triangles, wedges, tops, and bottoms. Not only can Autochartist identify technical patterns, but it will also estimate the reliability and quality of the indicator, along with generating potential entry and exit points that will help traders make the most of these indicators. Autochartist works across all currency pairs and time periods, giving you the ability to minimize the time that you spend researching technical data in order to find the right entry and exit points from a trade. With the powerful tools that Autochartist provides, you will be able to diversify your trading in ways that will allow you to minimize your risks and maximize profits.

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