MQL5 Trading Signals


All MQL5 account holders can subscribe to MQL5 trading signals for the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platform.

How to subscribe to the MQL5 signals through the trading platform?

  1. Update your MetaTrader platform.
  2. Register an MQL5 account.
  3. Connect your MQL5 account with the MetaTrader 4/MetaTrader 5 terminal. To do this, open your MetaTrader 4 platform, click on "Tools", choose "Options", then click on the "Community" tab and enter your MQL5 username and password.
  4. Next, choose the "Signal" provider you are interested in (go to the "Terminal" tab in the platform, then choose "Signals") and subscribe to it.
    Then you should agree to the "Signals" terms and conditions and enable the real-time signal subscription. Choose "Tools", then "Options"and under the "Signals" tab check two boxes: 1) Agree to the terms of use of the Signal service and 2) Enable realtime signal subscription. After that it will be possible to manage your subscription settings.
  5. If the above steps were done successfully, system will syncronize the accounts and all further trading operations from your "Signal" provider will instantly appear in your trading account. There is no contract to sign and papers to fill. Just follow the steps above and you are ready to receive trading signals. It is not necessary to use the same server as the "Signal" provider to receive trading signals.

How can you subscribe to the MQL5 Trading Signals through the MQL5 website?

To subscribe through the MQL5 website, you need to access your MQL5 profile. From the list of all the trading signals you need to select the desired one and click on the "Subscribe" button. Then you need to select the duration of the subscription and its starting day. After that you need to enter the name of a broker (for your convenience, when you type the first character, the website will give you all the options from which it will be easy to choose the right one) and your username (your trading account number), to which trades will be copied.

Together with Admiral Markets and the MQL5 trading signals you can:

  • Subscribe to a trading signal which interests you and all trades made by the "Signal" provider will be copied to your trading account automatically.
  • Independently control trading operations and their volume, thus reducing the risks.
  • Become a Signal Provider!
  • Conveniently implement calculations through’s internal payment system.
  • Create different strategies and analyse trading history.
How do you benefit?
  • This is a simple and complete solution. The subscription to the signal is carried out in a few clicks, and further trades are copied automatically without any participation of the trader. The signal provider also will not have any hitches along the way – it will take less than a minute to add a signal to a common database and set the subscription fee.
  • Guaranteed security for everybody involved: There is a tough selection process for the signal providers – for one month, they work in the test mode. After the successful completion of the test mode, signal providers get the right to be presented in the signals display.
  • Rate of subscription and signals purchase: It is not required to issue any agreements between the subscriber and the signal provider to subscribe to the desired signal as well as to place it on the site. A signal seller offers his product for sale, the subscriber decides to subscribe, and that’s it – there is simply no place for unnecessary bureaucracy in the "Signals" service. There is no exhausting paperwork - all the processes take place inside the system, so paperwork is cancelled.
  • СA paid subscription signal can be easily bought. If you are interested in a particular signal that is available only by paid subscription, you can easily connect to it. There is a variety of payment systems hat support WebMoney, PayPal, transfer from a bank card - take your pick!
  • No commission. The "Signals" service does not charge signal subscribers any commission on the traded volume.
  • The trading platform does not have to be constantly on. In the near future there will be a trusted execution mechanism which works by issuing TET (Trusted Execution Token) - a special kind of power of attorney. With this tool, all transactions will be backed up automatically, even when the trading terminal is off. Thus there will be no need to keep the trading platform turned on all the time.
  • Minimum delay in transactions execution: If the signal provider and trader are on the same server in the TET-mode, you will get the fastest execution in the market.
It is important to know and understand the following!

Possible risks:

  • You should not rely entirely on the trading signals; this is not a direct guide to action, but a financial advice that can be taken into account when trading.
  • A trader must understand that he/she assumes all the risks of the deal. The profitability of trading signals in the past cannot guarantee their profitability in the future. Thus, brokers do not give a direct guarantee for the efficiency of the trading signals. There are various reasons why your trading performance may not be the same as the information presented by the provider of the trading signals. They are explained by (but not limited to) the following factors: different levels of market liquidity, different sizes of market spreads, the suspension of credit and trade lines, taxation of regulatory or government authorities imposed on market participants, both sellers and buyers, including your contractor; subjective errors, errors in commercial transactions, different levels of connection speed, the delay in the formation, transferring, tracing and receiving of orders; insufficient tracking of each trading signal from the time of its creation, the impact of other positions that you maintain and which have not been placed in appliance with signals or strategies offered by the provider of trading signals; changes in margin requirements, changes in stop-loss, the adoption of restrictions, margin position, public holidays and days off on the market, one-time or occasional exogenous market events, a temporary inability of the provider to create or transfer trading signals, the lack of trading experience, etc.
  • There is a risk of losing money in any investment. Investing involves substantial risks, including the possibility of complete loss of capital.

Rules of using the signals service


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