Possible Changes in Trading Terms Due to Situation in Greece

Dear Clients,

Due to the possibility of default in Greece and increased volatility of currency pairs with EUR, please note that starting from the session opening on Monday June 29th, 2015, the following temporary changes in trading terms may be set:

1. in avoidance of negative balances, the leverage on currency pairs with EUR may be decreased by 2 times; moreover, the Stop Out level may be increased to 100% for all account types;

2. spreads on currency pairs with EUR may be naturally increased in case of high volatility;

3. in the event of liquidity issues certain currency pairs with EUR may be set to 'Close Only' mode, i.e. opening new positions may be temporary unavailable.

Should the above measures be implemented at all, we expect that they will be likely limited to the opening hours, however, it must be not ruled out that they will stay in force for a longer period.

Please take into consideration the above referred information and adjust the size of your EUR positions which remain open over the weekend.

Best Regards,
Admiral Markets

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