Margin Calculator Directly Integrated into MT4 – Boost Your Trading

Dear Traders,
In 2015 we have been able to implement some of the additional features requested by our customers into our MT4 Supreme. Today, we can proudly announce two additional new & exclusive features to the Admiral MiniTerminal, which will help you in making better trading decisions.

Margin Calculator

With this new feature you are now able to calculate the required margin for the trades you want to place.

In comparison to the standard webpage calculators, our new margin calculator will be able to take your open positions into account, correctly calculate hedged positions and will automatically recognize your accounts forex leverage.

Feel free to try out different scenarios and find the order size that’s right for you.


Risk Calculator

Our improved risk calculator now calculates your trading risk in your respective account currency. It will now also provide you with additional margin information for the calculated lot figure.

You don’t have to make any calculations yourself. Instead, you can just adjust the Stop Loss levels and your desired maximum risk .The Lot size calculation will be done for you.

You are also able to calculate the risk as a percentage of your equity or account balance.
With just a couple of clicks, your trade can be entered into the market.

There are more than 60 other features that are available to you for free by simply downloading and installing the updated version of MT4 supreme from our website.

Enhance your trading with our innovative and exclusive tools that further enhance the leading trading platform MetaTrader 4.

Best regards,
Admiral Markets

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