Admiral Club™

To develop a long-term relationship between Admiral Markets and you, our customer, in 2007 we founded the Admiral Club™ which is a bonus program that benefits you, the customer. The idea is simple, you become a member of the Club, you trade on your live Admiral.Markets account in any of the financial markets, and you earn bonus points proportional to the volume of each closed trade. After you gather points, you can easily exchange them for valuable prizes and gifts.

For each 1.0 lot you receive 100 points
For each 0.1 lot you receive 10 points
For each 0.01 lot you receive 1 points


All members of the Admiral Club™ are awarded with bonus points (points) for each trade. You receive 100 points for each full lot (100 000 units of a base currency) for each closed trade in the Forex market as well as in Futures, Metals and CFDs (1000 shares). The total volume of all closed trades will be considered; therefore bonus points are also awarded for 0.1, 0.01 and any other trade volume. 

Joining the Admiral Club:

For new and existing customers of Admiral Markets who have a real trading account and who are not already Club members:

  • Entry into the Admiral Club™ is free of charge.


Gold Membership – This level of membership enables you to earn double the amount of points per trade. To become a gold member, you will have to purchase the Gold Admiral Club™ Card which costs 25,000 points. Also, before you may become a gold member, you must have accumulated a total of at least 50,000 points during your club membership. 

Silver Membership – The silver membership level gives you one-and-a-half times the amount of points per trade as a normal member would receive. To become a silver member, you must buy the Silver Admiral Club™ Card which costs 10,000 points. Before being eligible to become a silver member, you must had accumulated at least 25,000 points total during your club membership.
Silver Membership can be upgraded to Gold Membership at the price of 15,000 points, with a minimum requirement of 50,000 having been accumulated during the entire history of your Admiral Club™ account. 

Both the silver and gold level memberships are valid for exactly one year after the purchase of the silver or gold card. If you wish to renew your silver or gold membership status, you must re-buy it at the same initial cost each year. If you chose not to renew your elevated membership level, you will still earn points but at the normal rate.

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