Web Referral

The Admiral Markets Web Referral (WR) program is providing webmasters with a fantastic opportunity to earn high commissions in a flourishing industry. If you own a web site that attracts visitors interested in finance, investments, or currencies related information then Web Referral partnership is a must for you. By directing some of your traffic to Admiral Markets you can start making money today.

Here is how it works:

1. Register your WR partnership with Admiral Markets and receive a WR Account and referral link.
2. Pick up the web marketing tools (videos, banners, daily analysis and newsletters) that become available to you within Partner's Room and place them on your website.
3. Start receiving WR Fee from the traffic generated by visitors from your website.

Web Referral Partnership looks like this:

Web Referrals benefits from Admiral Markets:

  • You will receive a fixed 5 US Dollars per one full Lot traded by the Referred Customer
  • You don’t need to have the initial capital
  • With Admiral Markets you will get access to a great choice of web marketing tools, such as videos, banners, daily analysis and newsletters that could be placed on your web-site
  • Your unique referral link is saved in the cookies-file of the visitors’ internet-browser for three months, which allows us to tie Customers who opened a trading account to your WR Account even if the account was opened as late as a three months from the moment of their first visit to our website
  • We offer a real time monitoring system on referred customers’ trading statistics and corresponding calculation of your WR Fee
  • Simplicity of the registration procedure and handy system of WR Fee withdrawal

How to register your WR Partnership and get a WR Account?


1. Fill in an online registration form and register an WR Account within Traders Room

  • For natural persons: Send us completed and signed identification form for natural person and documents requested within the form.
  • For legal entities: Send us completed and signed identification form for legal entity and documents requested within the form.

2. Receive WR login and password to Traders Room, WR Account number and referral link.

To join one of our partnership programs, please contact our institutional clients center at ib@admiralmarkets.com (when sending an e-mail to us we kindly ask you to specify a telephone number that you can be reached at). You can call us at +372 6309332 or request a callback for a personal introduction.

How are the referred customers tied to you WR Account?

When registering you will receive a dedicated referral link. Customers that have registered in the Trader's Room and opened a client account are automatically tied to the WR Account if they have entered through this referral link.

How big is the WR Fee and how is it paid?


Once the referred customer has opened a trading account, you will start receiving a WR Fee based on the clients trading activity. Depending on the agreement it can be a linear number of USD per Lot, number of Pips per Lot, or a % of the spread value.

The WR Fee is calculated automatically within the Partner's Room. You would be able to access your customers trading statistics and corresponding calculation of the WR Fee in real time.


Program Restrictions

The Company does not welcome those Web Referrals using an unfair practice of customer acquisition. AM reserves the right not to accept an applicant to become a Web Referral in case the applicant intends to promote Admiral Markets in the following ways:
  • Use of popup windows (direct opening of the web-site)
  • SPS (Site Promotion System)
  • Spamming;
  • Advertising with the conscious mutilation of service description and conscious non-disclosure of risks and other service information;
  • Advertizing on websites that violate intellectual property rights, promote sexually explicit materials, violence, illegal activities or discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age;
  • Any other promotion that may injure Admiral Markets’ positive image
In case of any unsolicited changes to the web marketing tools, including changes in the codes of those tools, Admiral Markets reserves the right to terminate the relations and cancel all the unpaid WR fees.